El Centro – Old Mazatlan

This area is great – highly walkable (about 12×12 blocks), densely packed with tourist-goodies such as a market (mixed with Mexicans and Gringos), church, various parks and squares and lots of neat old architecture. Best of all, if you start wandering the back streets you find all sorts of neat middle- to upper-class art dealers, including ex-patriots who have settled in and made niche businesses catering to locals and tourists alike. We walked it on a quiet Sunday and just passing the (amazingly open) doors of various houses we could get a glimpse of Mexicans going about their Siesta. The mix of architetural styles in the area is at once unique and paradigmatically ecleclic. If you are (in my opinion unfortunately) staying on the Zona Dorada (Golden Zone) you can access this area by bus. However, I would recommend considering staying on the Olas Altas beach (not to be confused with the Olas Altas Inn – which is to the north) so that you get maximum exposure to this area rich in local culture and with a more secluded beach surrounded by high hills. At the heart of this area is the Plaza Mercado – again a great blend of tourist-friendly middle-class restaurants (including Ambrosia for vegetarians) surrounding an old town square. This is the place to find music, exhibitions and seasonal markets for various goods. All in all, a good place to visit or even to stay in Mazatlan.


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  sans wrote @

That would be Plazuela Machado! šŸ™‚

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